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Legal Docs

Please pay attention. Users from Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and North Korea are not permitted to use our service and their accounts will be blocked and funds will lost.

Terms of Service

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General Trader FAQs

  • How to start trading in iminer trader?
    • First , You should Deposit BTC to your wallet! It is Here , and Exchange it to USDT.

    • In DEMO mode we charge 10,000 USDT for you to start trading and no needs to deposit!

  • How can i trade on iminer trader?
    • After Depositing BTC to your wallet , You should exchange BTC to USDT to start trading, It is Here

  • What is the P/L?
    • P/L is Profit/Loss. This shows your profit or loss value of trade.

  • How you calculate P/L?
    • It is depends on your USDT wallet balance and current BTC price. For example , When you have 5,000 USDT and BTC price when you enter to trade is 10,000 USDT each $1 change in BTC price will be calculated $0.5 for you.

  • How i can take profit?
    • You should guess the price of BTC on next 1 Minute!. If you think it is going UP, You should enter BUY position and vice versa , If you think price going DOWN you should enter SELL position.

  • What is 1 Minute trading?
    • In this trading system your position will be closed automatically in 1 Minute for risk control.

  • Do you offer leverage?
    • Our leverage is 1:1. No more leverage because of risk control.

For general inquiries please contact [email protected]