What is Monroe DigitalCurrency?

What is Monroe Digital Currency?

Monroe digital currency is a personal cryptocurrency. In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of many digital currencies. Some of them were able to compete with other cryptocurrencies, and some soon left the field. In this article, we review the competitive features and benefits of Monroe digital currency.

Monroe History

Monroe officially unveiled its protocol in 2013. Then, in 2014, it officially started operating. The cryptocurrency was first introduced as Bit-Monroe. It was named after Bitcoin. But it changed its name five days after its release. Monroe was hailed by businessmen in 2016 for its high security.

Monroe’s digital currency is a secret project

Monroe is a cryptocurrency used for private transactions. It is not possible for anyone to track and monitor Monroe network transactions. Most digital currencies have transparent chains, meaning that their transactions can be inspected and tracked by anyone. This currency code is designed to protect the sending and receiving of addresses as well as transaction values. Monroe’s secrecy has led to its use on a football betting site.

Monroe features

Monroe’s digital currency uses a consensus algorithm. So like Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency can be extracted. The number of monroe coins is limited, and there will be no more than 18 million. Limiting the amount of quinine can prevent inflation of a cryptocurrency and its devaluation.

Monroe’s red lines

There are three features that are considered to be the red lines of Monroe and her network. The first is security. Users must not encounter any errors or attacks in order to perform their transactions on this network. In this way, they can trust this cryptocurrency. The second red line is user privacy. Monroe attaches great importance to privacy. Following this, the network believes in the highest level of decentralization.

  Price history

Monroe is trading at $ 60 at the time of writing. The value of each unit of this digital currency in late 2017 and early 2018 even reached close to $ 500. This growth was two years before the price of a monroe was below one dollar. As we mentioned, the total number of Monroe coins is 18.4 million.


Money wallets for these cryptocurrencies are available on the Monroe digital currency site. One of these wallets is called My Monroe, which, although unofficial, has been approved by the site. This wallet is provided for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Walt Cake is also used on iOS phones and has been approved by Monroe. If you are using an Android operating system, you can also use Monroe’s wallet.

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