What is Aria coin?

Aria coin

Aria Coin is the first Iranian digital currency. This cryptocurrency was created by claiming to facilitate peer-to-peer payments with high privacy. But there seem to be some problems with this newcomer digital currency, which we’ll cover below.

Meet Arya coin

Aria coin is said to be mining and mining. The current number of coins in this digital currency is 1 million, but in 16 years the number will increase to 120 million. Aria coin users are able to buy and sell their coin without a verification process. This is because trading systems are set up in different places to allow users to buy and sell digital currency without restrictions. The coin is intended as a link between the Chinese blockchain world and Fiat currencies. As a result, users can access money through online transactions.

White Piper Aria

A White Piper is a kind of identity card of a digital currency. The creators of the cryptocurrencies in White Piper describe their project. But in the case of Aria coin 80 percent of the white paper is copied from Bitcoin . Only a few minor details address the differences between the two projects. So we conclude that not much time has been spent on the identification of this digital currency.

hash rate Arin digital currency network

arina con mining algorithm, like light coin , is a script , but its network hash rate is very low, ,ant its not at all compurable to lightcoins hash rate. this can , digital currency network makes aria vulnerable to %51 attacks

Offline exchanges

Aria Arzdigital Team has shown its willingness to partner with various offline vendors. In this case, users can buy and sell their coins directly using cash. This greatly increases access to ciin, and users can access coin online without any restrictions.

nonymous exchanges

Aria Digital Currency claims that users can operate in this financial market in a completely anonymous way. After sending money to any of the public nodes of the network, users must sign the transaction using the private key of their wallet.

Aria coin Wallet

If you want to buy Aria coin, you must first get the right wallet. Aria coin has its own wallet where you can use the Windows version. In addition, the powerful coinomi wallet has added Aria to its list of regrettable currencies. Guarda’s wallet is another option for storing these Iranian cryptocurrencies. One of the advantages of listing Aria in different wallets is that if one of them imposes sanctions, there are still other options for users.

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