What is a Mobile Wallet?

Mobile Wallet

A Mobile Wallet is a virtual wallet that stores payment card information on a mobile device. Mobile wallets are a great way to pay a user in-store and can be used by the Mobile Wallet service provider.

Understand mobile wallets

Business and consumer relationships are rapidly digitalizing. From e-commerce operating systems to robot consultants, businesses are changing the way they work to meet the growing needs of customers and the increasing use of mobile phones and devices. Financial companies are emerging that offer digital operating systems and solutions and are known as members of the Fintech sector. These emerging companies are disrupting tools and services that are easily accessible at a low cost. One part of the financial industry that is prone to innovation is the payments sector. Companies and users using mobile technology such as smartphones, tablets or smartwatches, in online and offline transactions are compatible with devices such as mobile wallets.

A mobile wallet is an application that can be installed on a smartphone or is an internal feature of a smartphone. A mobile wallet stores credit card information, debit cards, coupons or bonus cards. After installing the program and the user enters the payment information, the wallet stores this information by attaching a personal identification template such as number or key, QR code or owner image on each stored card.

When a user pays a merchant, the mobile app uses a technology called near-field communication (NFC), which uses radio frequencies to communicate between devices. NFC uses a personal identification template created for the user to communicate payment information to the merchant’s POS (service point) terminal. Data transfer is usually done when the user holds an NFC-enabled mobile device on the store’s NFC reader.

Not all smartphones or mobile devices are equipped with NFC technology, including the iPhone. For iPhone users, there are alternative ways to use their mobile wallets to pay at the store. PayPal mobile wallet allows users to pay using their mobile phone numbers at the time of payment. To confirm the transaction, the phone number must be connected to the user’s PayPal account. While PayPal uses phone numbers, other mobile wallets use other personal features that are user-identifiable. LevelUp mobile wallet uses QR codes. Which can be scanned when paying. The existing square wallet uses a user image that can be easily verified by the speaker or audience.Scam activities, such as identity theft, make it harder to start with mobile wallets. While a user’s credit card is easily stolen and copied, smartphones are not easily stolen. It may be difficult to access a stolen smartphone if you have an access password or fingerprint check. Mobile wallets may also have encrypted keys. Mobile wallets are also useful for retail businesses that experience a large volume of transactions on a daily basis because mobile wallets help reduce waiting time and payments. This is a win-win situation for both customers and businesses. Because mobile wallets are digital versions of physical wallets, almost any valuable card stored in a physical wallet can be found in mobile wallets such as driver’s licenses, social security numbers, health information cards, and cards. Loyalty, hotel and bus key cards will also be saved. Or train tickets from digital wallets are often interchangeable with mobile wallets. However, while both store the payment information, they run differently. Digital wallets are mostly used for online transactions and are not necessarily used in mobile devices. Mobile wallets are used by people who prefer not to have a physical wallet when shopping inside the store. For this reason, these wallets should be used in mobile. And their platforms are easy to carry. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay are examples of mobile wallets that can be installed on a handheld or wearable device. A regular PayPal account is a type of digital wallet, but when used in conjunction with mobile payment services and mobile devices, it acts as a mobile wallet.

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