COINOMI Coinomi Wallet and How to Use It: First we will introduce the Coinomi wallet. This wallet is very popular among other wallets. So let’s look at the features of the COINOMI wallet and what the features of one of the best digital wallets are. In this text, we also state what currencies the Coinomi wallet supports.

Everything about Quinomi wallet

The Coinomi wallet is designed to store and build various currencies, including Bitcoin and Atrium. This wallet is compatible with mobile operating systems including Android and iOS. The desktop version of Coinomi has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux, which you can download from the official Quinomi website.

The Coinomi wallet app is very popular due to the high security of the Coinomi app and the strong graphics interface. The graphical interface of this wallet is so strong that users who have no experience in using digital currency can easily use this program and exchange digital currency. The oldest Coinomi wallet was launched in 2014 and has millions of active users. We have already stated that this wallet has a very high level of security, and so far no Coinomi wallet has been hacked and its security has not been threatened.

Quinomi wallet

It is interesting to know that according to Alexa’s website, most visitors to the Coinomi site are from Iran, and after Iran, the United States and Turkey are the most visited, respectively.

Features of Quinomi Wallet

  • 1- Support for different digital currencies and various tokens
  • 2- Easy setup: Downloading and installing the Coinomi wallet program is easy and after installation, you can easily create your new wallet.
  • 3- Ease of trading: You can trade directly and easily. Trading in the Quinomi wallet is done using the exchanges that exist.
  • 4- Coinomi wallet program supports many languages. These languages include English, Russian and..
  • 5- Protecting the privacy of users and high security of the program
  • 6- Strong graphical interface
  • 7- Ability to install on mobile phones as well as on computers and laptops by publishing desktop versions.

If the mobile phone on which the Coinomi wallet application is installed is lost or corrupted, you can easily recover the information of your Quinomi wallet application. When you create your new wallet on the Quinomi app, a 24-word recovery phrase is considered for your wallet. With this recovery phrase, you can easily recover your wallet on any other mobile device. When registering, try to write down these 24 words in order. If these 24 words fall into someone’s hands, they can easily access your wallet without having a password. So be careful to keep it.

Your Coinomi wallet has a password that if your mobile phone is stolen, the thief will not be able to access the currencies in your application due to not having this password. Therefore, the security of all types is guaranteed and there is no need to worry.

Choose the best wallet

Quinomi wallet provides users with unique features for free. This wallet is one of the top three digital wallets for security reasons and high level of security. In Coinomi wallet, an intrusive attack will not destroy all users’ currencies, and this is the reason why digital currency users welcome this type of wallet. There are many exchanges in Coinomi wallets that make it easy for users to access them.

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