Cool Wallet s wallet is a mobile hardware wallet that is designed to look like a credit card and will fit in your wallet. Launched in 2016, the first-generation Cole Volt unveiled the world’s first mobile hardware wallet.

The wallet is owned by a Taiwanese company founded in 2014 that aims to create the world’s best mobile wallet for digital assets.

What is a Cool Wallet s wallet?

The hardware wallet is focused on combining security and transportation. This wallet offers a unique credit card design and can only be controlled via a Bluetooth connection from a mobile app. Clean and simple using a growing selection of encryption along with internal exchange. It is clean and simple.

Cole Volt S wallet design

The design of the Cool Wallet s credit card style has attracted the attention of many people in the industry and has been praised for its portability. The wallet is also waterproof and flexible.

Check Cool Wallet hardware s

From the beginning, the Cool Wallet s hardware is impressive. This is the size of a credit card with a screen and an internal button. The screen is an important feature, because it means that no sensitive information is displayed on your mobile phone that may be compromised.

A card is very light and at the same time very hard, believing it is almost difficult to store and send cryptocurrency from within. This wallet is also waterproof.

The screen is very small but easy to read and you can connect and use it on your mobile phone more than that.

Wallet values   and battery symbols are easy to read, so you know how much you use the battery and other things and have complete control over it.

How to charge Cool Walt S hardware

Charging this card is very easy and you just need to drag the card on it with the card that you are given a USB and keep it charged for 3 months and use it easily.

Start working with Cool Wallet s

Getting started with the Cool Wallet s wallet is quick and hassle-free, you can do it in less than 5 minutes. The connection is via Bluetooth, which is paired almost instantly. It has an AES256 encrypted Bluetooth connection (advanced encryption standard) to communicate only with the authorized device. It also provides complete control over your encryption assets. It only transmits unnecessary transaction information, and only you can see the important information yourself. Seed configuration is set to back up using the phone or directly on the card for added security.


With a shape similar to a bank card and very light and portable

  • It has a very beautiful appearance
  • Ability to recover digital currency inventory
  • 3-step verification in transaction
  • It makes you feel safe.


It does not support all digital currencies, but it is recommended for digital currency security.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and ERC20 Tokens

Supports all Atrium blockchain tokens, such as Tetra in Atrium Blockchain

Technical Specifications of CoolWallet S:

Supports multiple currencies: Yes

Supports multiple apps: Yes

دوFIDO two-step authentication support

Display: Yes

Security: Yes

Support and Recovery: Yes

Privacy: Yes

Battery material: rechargeable made of lithium-ion

Voltage: 3 volts

Connection type: via Bluetooth

Capacity: 15 mAh

Battery life in standby mode: for three months

Charging time required: 2 hours

Other specifications: Anti-malware – It has a BIP-44 algorithm to support different types of currencies and different user accounts, ECDSA algorithm for signing transactions, each account will contain 232 internal and external addresses for bitcoin transactions – algorithm BIP-32 HD is also used in this wallet.

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