Buy and sell Dodge coin

Buy and sell Dodge

Dodge coin is an Alt coin who was born with a joke. This digital currency seemed insignificant at first, but soon gained a lot of popularity . If you want to buy and sell Dodge coin, join us for more information.

Dodge coins  birthday

In 2013, Jackson Palmer, a product manager and analyst at Sherlocknet Adobe, decided to joke about the growing digital currency. He tweeted that he wanted people to get Dodgecoins digital currency because it would be very valuable in the future. However, Dodge coin did not exist at all. In December of that year, Palmer built a site called Dodge coin. He then pointed out that if anyone wanted to make Dodge coin a reality, contact him. So an American programmer named Billy Marcus decided to work with him.

Dodge coins goals

Dodge coin was created so that people would not just look at the world of digital currencies as an investment. Of course, it also achieved its goal and became the most popular currency used on the Internet to thank for useful content and comments. That’s why some valuable digital writers publish the address of Walt Dodge coin at the end of their writings.

Basic features

Dodge coin is a fork on the Lucky coin network. Lucky coin is also a fork on Lightcoin. Finally, Lightcoin Fork is on the Bitcoin China Blockchain network. Dodge coin is mined just like Bitcoin and Lightcoin. It also uses a proof-of-work algorithm. Dodge coin has a low price and the reason for this is the unlimited supply of this cipher. There are no limits to the number of Dodge coin available. The network’s functionality is very similar to that of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Palmer’s opinion on the sale of Dodge coin

“Dodge is one of the few cryptocurrencies that people trade as a currency instead of a futuristic one,” says Jackson Palmer, one of Dodge coins developers. Instead of buying and selling it and making a profit in this way, they trade with it. “And that’s exciting because virtual currencies are created for that.”


After purchasing or extracting Dodge coin, you need to keep it in a secure wallet. There are several wallets for digital currencies that vary in security and features. Hardware wallets have the highest level of security for keeping your passwords. These types of wallets are physical tools that are usually expensive. Software wallets are also installed on your mobile or laptop. They are less secure than hardware wallets.

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